Dogs Meet New Babies For The First Time Will Melt Your Heart

Bringing home a new baby can be stressful for everybody, but it’s also a magical moment. New parents often want to share that magical moment with their “fur babies” as they’re sometimes referred to. Sometimes dogs are used to being only children so it can take a while for them to adjust when a new baby is brought into the family. Other dogs feel very protective over their new sibling right away. 

So, without further ado, these are some of the best pictures taken of dogs meeting the new baby for the first time. Get your “aww”s ready, because you’re going to need them!


This pudgy little doggo doesn’t seem to mind having these two little ones around at all. Looks like they’ve given him an excuse to lounge around even more than he had before these twins were born. We desperately hope that this wasn’t just a one-time thing and that it’s a regular occurrence because it’s just too cute. icouldgetusedtothis.jpg

Luckily for this dog, he can look forward to many more naps to come in the upcoming years. We wonder how those babies are sleeping because we know that dog is surely snoring! 


This pug still isn’t sure what to think about his new brother. Is this thing food? Is it a toy? He’s still figuring it out. He’s definitely curious, though, which is a good sign. whoah.jpg

The look on this dog’s face is probably what a human would look like if they ever saw an alien. This dog is looking at an unknown life form. Babies do kind of look like aliens from another planet. Then again, so do pugs. 

Many times, it’s love at first sight!


This pup couldn’t wait to meet his new baby sister. These two were friends immediately (as you can probably tell by this picture of them spooning). Right now, the baby is the little spoon, but that’s probably going to change when she gets older. buthow.jpg

If that isn’t a loyal dog we don’t know what is. The mother must be happy because the dog is taking over her job for the time being. That baby looks so peaceful! 


This Mastiff just wants to say hello to the new baby in his life. His head is bigger than that baby’s entire body! You’d think that baby would be scared of a dog that big, but nope, not this kid. She’s totally cool with this drool monster all up in her face. hellolittleone.jpg

There’s no denying that humans and dogs have some kind of magical connection. There’s no denying that these two have formed an everlasting bond. 


This baby must be gifted or advanced or something because he’s definitely smiling in this picture! Okay, maybe it’s gas, but we’re just going to say that it’s a real true smile from a newborn baby. He’s for sure smiling at his new best friend, that big doggo who’s found the best place to take a nap. allsmiles.jpg

That’s a face of pure joy, and the dog seems to be loving every minute of cuddle time. 


This Labradoodle must be a guard dog at heart because she’s not letting anything bad happen to that baby ever. Look how fiercely she’s guarding that swing. It’s like she knows that the baby is too little to be left alone so she’s taken full responsibility for him. dog-baby-2-10138

Now the parents can walk around the house a little easier knowing that their faithful dog will be there if anything comes up. Now she just has to figure out how to change a diaper… 


Nap time with the new baby doesn’t look too bad for this little dog. Being around the same size, they can snuggle up together without the fear of the baby being crushed under the dog’s weight.

It looks like the dog is making the best of the entire situation and using this baby’s little body as a pillow of sorts. While the dog will be able to do this for the rest of its life, it won’t be too long before this baby grows up and won’t be able to cuddle up so easily.


Have you ever seen a more innocent scene? We think not. A puppy and a new born resting together can bring world peace. They should replace this image with one of the presidents on currency. dog baby 5

Just looking at this should warm your heart. If not that, at least bring a smile to your face. We wonder what they’re dreaming about? Does the puppy give the baby little licks on the face when they’re awake and roaming around? 


This looks like a match made in heaven for this dog and baby. We’re sure that this has been this dog’s napping place long before this baby was even an idea, so it’s doubtful that it would give it up so easily. perfectfit.jpg

The solution? Just lay the baby next to the dog so they can both sleep peacefully together. It looks like it’s all working out too because the dog doesn’t have to give up any space and the baby is sleeping soundly. 


Here’s a word of advice: don’t get a puppy and have a baby at the same time. That’s so much work! If you’re willing to take on this mammoth task, you might as well get an absolutely adorable puppy. Then at least you’ll have something cute to look at when you’re not getting any sleep. puppyandbaby.jpg

These poor parents are going to be getting negative hours of sleep for the next few months. Best of luck!

If you love labs this next picture is for you.


What’s better than a baby meeting one puppy? How about a baby meeting two puppies? These puppies don’t seem to be too fussed about having a new baby in their midst. The baby doesn’t seem too concerned either. surroundedbypups.jpg

In a few years, the three of them will be able to run around in the backyard together. But for now, they’re going to have to be content sleeping on the floor. It’s naptime in this household. 


These two Harlequin Great Danes look completely baffled at the crying baby in front of them. There’s nothing they can do except stare at it and hope that it stops crying. We’re sure that these dogs do this often, just to check up on the baby and see if anything has changed or just to make sure that it’s still there.whatisit.jpg

They’ll only have to wait a fe years until the baby is old enough to play with them without being knocked over. Be patient pups!

This next dog doesn’t quite know what to do with itself.


While this baby sleeps peacefully, the dog is fully alert, trying with all of its might to not move or even breathe too hard, for fear of waking up the baby. Although this dog could have decided sit anywhere in the house, it still chose to be next to the baby, even though it has to be careful to not wake it up.dontwakeitup.jpg

That shows that this dog loves the baby and is willing to sacrifice its own comfort just to be around it. 


It appears that this dog didn’t need very much time to readjust before deciding that it likes having the baby around. This picture proves that dogs understand things better than we may think, and that they can also sense things that we can’t. iloveit.jpg

This dog probably sensed that this was its owner’s baby, and since it loves them, it’s going to love their baby as well. This picture is so adorable and we hope that the family keeps it somewhere where people can see it in their home. 


This dog looks very worried about the new tiny human that just arrived in his house. He’s not sure that bringing that thing inside was a good idea. His face says, “Mom, Dad, are you sure it’s safe to keep this thing?” helpme.jpg

Yeah, boy, it’s totally safe. You’ll see. He’s going to be playing fetch in the yard with you in no time. This dog is just in need of some assurance that everything is going to be okay. 


This dog is seeing the new baby for its first time and it seems pretty enamored by the infant. While the dog does look curious, there’s also love in those eyes. We’re sure that this dog spent some time just staring at the baby, maybe trying to figure out what it is while also trying not to disturb its sleep. kindofcute.jpg

We wonder if the dog is a female because it also looks like it’s trying to withhold some motherly instincts that it may have. 

This next dog doesn’t want anybody to touch this baby.


This dog has found the perfect place to rest his head for the next 18 years or so. Who knew that getting a new baby sister also meant getting a new comfy spot? Clearly, this dog still isn’t entirely sure what this new baby is that’s living in the house, but he doesn’t seem to mind all that much. notsurewhatitis.jpg

This lab is all about love at the moment, which is good cause his parents are going to need some. Having a newborn is exhausting! 


The pose in this picture is everything. Look at his paw up on his sister’s crib! This dog looks completely confused about what he has been presented with. His face says, “really? we’re keeping her?”doesitdoanything.jpg

We’re sure that the dog will start to come around in a few years when that baby is throwing food all over the floor for him to gobble up. These two are going to be just fine. She’s going to be his partner in crime. 


It appears that as soon as this dog met this infant, it decided that it was theirs to take care of. While this baby is probably nice and warm under this dog, the dog’s eyes are telling everyone to slowly walk away from their new favorite person. thisismybabynow.jpg

This baby should be glad that it has such a cute and loyal protector. Not everyone gets this kind of treatment from their own dogs. I mean, look at those eyes. 


This dog became the house’s new security guard when this baby came home for the first time. While the baby is slowly falling asleep, this dog is now on duty watching over the baby to make sure that nothing bad happens to it. Capturestepawayfromthebaby.jpg

Even if that was my child, I might hesitate for a second before taking it away from this dog, because this good boy looks like it means business. We hope that the baby is comfortable next to it because it looks like they’re going to be sharing a bed for the foreseeable future.