Girl Walks To This Cabin Every Day, But Then Her Dad Discovers What’s Inside

This 5-year-old girl disappeared for hours every day after school. Her father decided to secretly follow her. When her father discovers the incredible truth and sees who his daughter goes to every day, he bursts into tears.“If only I had known about this before…”

He later told local news channels that he still does not understand how his daughter could have done this for such a long period unnoticed. “If I had discovered this earlier, I would have intervened immediately…”

It was already the 4th day in a row that Carl’s daughter came home late from school. Normally she was always a sweet girl who kept to the rules. Half past three finished school, straight home and set the table with daddy. But this week she always left her father alone. Where was his daughter going every day?

Carl did not worry for the first few days. She eventually came home every time. Even though it was often more than 1.5 hours later. She must have gone to play at a friend’s house, or maybe she was playing football in the schoolyard. But when on day five his daughter stayed away for more than 3 hours, Carl started to get worried!

He had already asked his daughter Emily once that week why she stayed away so long after school, but Emily was a smart girl. She waved away his answers with indifference and then told him she had something to do at school. But Carl didn’t believe her, so the next day he decided to call her school…

Although he did not believe his daughter’s words 100%, he still trusted in her innocence. “She must be playing with a friend,” was still his idea, but the phone call he made to the school woke him up from this dream immediately…

“We were just about to call you sir,” her teacher told her. At the end of the day, she and her fellow colleagues always saw Emily as the very last one to leave the schoolyard on her own. Her teacher thought that the little girl looked nervous especially yesterday and saw that she was leaving in a big hurry. “Do you know anything more about this?“, asked her teacher

Carl was shocked. “She’s certainly not coming home right away and I have a feeling she’s been lying to me at home about what she does after school,” he told the teacher. “This all sounds pretty strange and I am a bit worried. Maybe I should follow her secretly after all.”

Emily’s teacher confirmed his fears and told him that she, too, thought it best to carry out this plan quickly. So she did. The next school day, Carl hid in the bushes outside the schoolyard. He saw Emily standing alone. She did look nervous. And then it happened…

If she takes off soon, I’ll be right behind her,” he heard himself say aloud. But Carl was clearly distracted by his thought, because before he knew it, his daughter had disappeared around the corner. The little girl was surprisingly fast and sprinted down one street and out the other. Carl could barely keep up with her.

After a zigzag route of more than 15 minutes, Emily and Carl, who followed her quietly but closely, left the urban houses. Asphalt gave way to lawns and houses were replaced by deciduous trees. His daughter paused at the edge of a huge forest. She looked around hurriedly and then disappeared among the trees…

Emily had already disappeared from sight when Carl himself arrived at the edge of the forest. It was no coincidence that his daughter was walking to this forest, Carl thought. The huge forest eventually ended up at his own house. The 5-hectare estate on which Carl lived with his family had been in his possession for almost 100 years. But where was his daughter going? She might get lost.

Besides his own house, there was only one other house on the entire estate, but no one had lived there for 50 years. The house used to belong to his grandfather and grandmother, but was now abandoned. Yet the sprint ended at an open plain with this particular house at the end. Why here?

Emily walked slowly towards the old building. She was holding a large white plastic bag in her right hand and it was clearly filled with something heavy. “What is she doing here and why is she lying to me about visiting this place.” But as Carl himself approached, he got the scare of his life. There was someone waiting on the balcony….

Carl hid behind the house to wait for his daughter. “What is Emily doing here?”, the worried father wondered. He didn’t have to wait long, because after a few minutes Emily already appeared at the door of the house.

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