Dog Refuses To Let Baby Walk – Parents Call The Police When They Discover Why

If you think about it, the relationship between children and animals is the most adorable things you can experience and witness. The thing is, the relationship and bond between house pets and the owners children is that there is an assumption that the animals are going to treat these tiny humans like friends and protect them with their lives, but that isn’t always the case.

Rose and Greg couldn’t figure it out themselves at first. Their German Shepherd Max did not let their baby walk by himself. Every time their little baby named Joe wanted to walk, the German Shepherd put his head on Joe’s back. When they went to see a doctor he made a shocking discovery. He called the police immediately. But what was wrong with Joe? And why did the police get involved?

Police on their way

Having the authorities involved in these types of situations is never a good thing. The issue is, authorities are always going to investigate and get to the root cause of a problem, therefore if you need them to intervene, it isn’t smooth sailing when they arrive. The police can either save you from a terrible situation or they will reprimand you for doing something terrible.

When the doctor called the police, they told him that they would come his way immediately. There was something wrong with this baby that he had to report. The doctor felt guilty about the parents. He knew in the back of his mind that they would not do this to their child. The doctor didn’t want to imply anything illegal, but there was something happening that they needed to get to the bottom of.

Police asking questions

The first thing the authorities or the police would do is ask a series of questions to support the assumptions made. No one can immediately assess the situation and forcefully reprimand someone without significant proof. The police did the exact same thing since they wanted to know more to further understand what was happening and how they can deal with it smoothly.

When the police finally arrived, they spoke to the doctor first. After that, they wanted to speak to their parents. They sounded very serious. “You both need to come with us, it is really important.” Rose and Greg were shell-shocked. What did they do wrong? The parents were shocked that they were going through the interaction, but it was better that they were honest rather than hide from the truth.

« I can’t believe this! »

The main problem was, the doctors had something in mind that the parents had no clue about. Therefore when the authorities were asking questions and they shared their answers, nothing was matching up. It was if the doctor was making assumptions and problems that the parents had no clue how to address and neither did the authorities.

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