21+ Summer Fruit Salad Recipes You Can Make In Minutes

It doesn’t matter if it is summer or not these delicious fruit salad recipes are sure to be a huge hit. Every one of these recipes are a combination of berries and fruit, some of them even include a tasty dressing recipe to add a little extra flare.

I am not a huge fruit lover, personally I would generally prefer vegtables. However, as someone on a weight loss journey I know fruit salad is a great option to satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way. Something I love about fruit salad is you don’t have to follow the recipes to a T, instead you can go ahead and use whatever fruit salad you have on hand.

A great money saving tip is to base your fruit salad around what fruits and berries are on sale at your local store that particular week.

Get ready to enjoy these delicous fruit salad recipes!

Delicious Summer Fruit Salad

Found On: Vegetarian Times

This fruit salad is simple yet delicious. Simply toss your fruit into a lemon infused syrup to lightly sweeten it and prevent your cut fruit from changing color. This is a great option if you won’t be eating your salad immediately.

Dragon Fruit Salad

Found On: Wanderspice

You’d never guess it but this recipe was actually created by complete accident! With the very mild dragon fruit flavour the super sweet blueberries it adds a great variety of flavours to your salad.

Moscato Fruit Salad

Found On : Diethood

This salad is a great idea for a bridal shower. You can either enjoy the non alcoholic versiosin or add a half cup of Moscato to your salad for an adult version of the salad. Warning though, this is a deious treat that you will want to make ALL the time once you try it.

Kiwi Berry Salad

Found On: Dash Of Sanity

This fruit salad recipe is dressed with a lovely lemon-glaze. The kiwi and raspberries make this recipe so refreshing you won’t want to stop eating it this summer. It is also a great way to get in your fruit for the day while also enjoy the gorgoeus and vibrant colors of the fruit.

Mexican Fruit Salad

Found On: Bubba Pie

This is not a recipe that is loved by kids probably because it is topped with a light chili lime sauce that adds a kick to it. However, for the majority this is a great recipe for your next backyard BBQ to help bring some color to your picnic table.

Orange Fruit Salad Recipe

Found On: Natasha’s Kitchen

A perfect salad for whatever kind of party you may be throwing, bridal shower, baby shower, or even just a girls night in. It is the perfect alternative to a sugary dessert table. The recipe includes an orange-lemon syrup that is sweetened with honey. This particular glaze helps keep the fruit fresh and delicious even if it is sitting out for a few hours.

Triple Berry Salad

Found On: The Kitchen is My Playground

This triple berry fruit salad is a go to at my house! And it is for a good reason, it is down right delicious. Making it perfect for any occasion or simply just for breakfast. This salad may be simple but it is bursting with flavour.

Easy Fruit Salad

Found On: Julies Eats And Treats

This salad has a whipped dressing to die for! It is also great for making in larger quanities for partes or potlucks because it refridgerates very well.

Refreshing Watermelon Salad

Found On: Munchkin Time

Is there anything more refreshing than watermelon? I guess that is why I love this salad it is jam packed with watermelon and it is super simple to make when you gotta get your fruit fix.

Berry Watermelon Dragon Fruit Salad

Found On: Aberdeen’s Kitchen

I love this salad for breakfast or a snack while trying to lose weight it is delicious and the mint is all you need for a dressing. Which means no extra calories for you, this salad is plenty sweet naturally.

Summer Peach Fruit Salad

Found On: Ambitious Kitchen

Peach are my all time favorite fruit, I simple can not get enough of them, which is why I think I can not get enough of this salad. You can drizzle it with some honey and lime juice for a little more pop of flavor or you can eat it as is. Personally I do not feel this salad requires any dressing but it can add a nice touch if that is your preference.

Rainbow Fruit Salad

Found On: Cooking Classy

This fruit salad is a rare and unique as it includes banans. Many fruit salads don’t and I’m not sure why. And while it doesn’t matter much to me because I HATE bananas and always have, I know some people love them and that is why I included this recipes, just for banana lovers. Or if you are like me you can just omit the banana.

Berry Cantaloupe Fruit Salad

Found On: Damn Delicious

This recipe is perfect for the late night muchies when all you want is carbs, carbs, carbs and more carbs. Instead, you should opt for this grogeous and delicious fruit salad.

Best Ever Tropical Fruit Salad

Recipes By: The Slow Roasted Italian 

This is a beautiful and creative fruit salad. This recipe is truly one that you can make your own by adding whatever you have in your fridge and is a great way to make sure you never have fruit that goes bad.

Hawaiian Fresh Fruit Salad

Recipe By: Delish

Bring a piece of Hawaii into your home with this tasty and tropical fruit salad that is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.

Very Berry Fruit Salad

Recipe By: Kristine’s Kitchen Blog

This salad is a great twist to the usualy summer berry salad as it includes cherries making it extra unique and even more delicious!

Mojito Fruit Salad

Recipe By: Iowa Girl Eats

Once you get a taste of this delicious fruit salad you will want to make it all summer long. It is a wonderful mix of watermelon, berries, and mint making it extremely refreshing.

Pina Colada Fruit Salad

Recipe By: Averie Cooks

While this fruit salad is named pina colada it is NOT alacholic, in fact, it gets its name from pina colada mix you get from the crocery store. The pina colada mix, almond, and vanilla extract gives it a delicious flavor you will only want more of.

Strawberry Watermelon Fruit Salad

Recipe By: Giggles Galore

It does not get any simpiler than this strawberry watermelon and mint fruit salad! And nothing says summer as well as watermelon! Especially when it is paired with a delicious vinegarette dressing.

Summer Fruit Salad

Recipe By: Valya’s Taste Of Home

Honestly, to me this is one of the few fruit pairing that I don’t think I would have ever thought to throw together on my own. Yet, it is so simple and perfect once you do. All of the fruit and berries compliment one another graciously.

Peach Salad

Recipe By: Baby Foode

This is a great recipes and it comes with an equally delicious non alcoholic and a ALCOHOLIC version for us adults to enjoy. It is also very easy to make, so easy you can can make it in mere minutes and be scarfing it down in no time at all (or at least thats what I do…)

Fruit salads are really so simple and dlicious and you can make them for nearly any ocassion. Add in you favorite fruits and test out a few dressing until you find your go to.

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